Civil Services Main Examination GS Paper III 2013

Q. Bringing out the circumstances in 2005 which forced amendment to the Section 3 (d) in Indian Patent Law, 1970, discuss how it has been utilized by the Supreme Court in its judgment in rejecting Novartis’ patent application for ‘Glivec’. Discuss briefly the pros and cons of the decision.

Q. What is a digital signature? What does its authentication mean? Give various salient built-in features of a digital signature.

Q. What do you understand by Fixed Dose Drug Combinations (FDCs)? Discuss their merits and demerits.

Q. What do you understand by Umpire Decision Review System in Cricket? Discuss its various components. Explain how silicone tape on the edge of a bat may fool the system?

Q. How does the 3D printing technology work? List out the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

Q. What is an FRP composite material? How are they manufactured? Discuss their application in aviation and automobile industries.