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Pangong Tso Lake

Recently, Indian and Chinese Army soldiers were engaged in a face-off near the northern bank of PangongTso Lake in Ladakh, ahead of a massive military exercise to be held along the China border.Consider the following statements about the PangongTso lake:

  1. Pangong Lake is located in the Changthang region of eastern Ladakh region.
  2. It is an example of an Exorheic lake.
  3. The eastern part of the lake is fresh while the western part of the lake is saline.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

Drought-forecasting Toolbox

Recently, Drought-forecasting toolbox was unveiled atthe ongoing 14th Conference of Parties (COP14) to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Consider the following Statements about the Drought-forecasting toolbox:

  1. The drought toolbox uses 30 parameters, including soil moisture, rainfall data and temperature data of the present and past can accurately evaluate the vulnerability of different geographic regions to drought.
  2. It has been developed by UNCCD in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) and World Meteorological Organization(WMO).

Which of statements given above is/are correct?

Curriculum For Life Skills (JeevanKaushal) Programme

Recently, the Government has launched the Curriculum for Life Skills (JeevanKaushal) programme designed by the University Grants Commission (UGC).Consider the following statements about the programme:

  1. The program has been framed for Undergraduate and Postgraduatecourses across the country.
  2. It will comprise of four courses:Communication skills,Professional and Leadership skills,Problem-solving and Decision-making,Universal human values.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below.

Equatorial Indian Ocean Oscillation

Recently, the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bengluru and National Centre for Ocean Information Services, Hyderabad jointly released a study paper about Equatorial Indian Ocean Oscillation (EQUINOO) and its effects over Indian Summer Monsoon. Consider the following statements regarding the EQUINOO.

  1. EQUINOO is as an oscillation or a seesaw between enhanced cloud formation and rainfall over the western equatorial Indian Ocean (WEIO) and suppressed clouding over the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean (EEIO) in west of Sumatra.
  2. A positive EQUINOO phase is when the surface sea temperature in WEIO is above 27.5 degree Celsius leading to enhanced clouding, which is then suppressed in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

National Animal Disease Control Programme

The Government has launched National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) for the eradication of which of the two given animal diseases?

National Genomic Grid

Recently, the government decided to set up a National Genomic Grid (NGG), which will study genomic data of cancer patients from India.Consider the following statements about the NGG:

  1. The proposed grid will be in line with the National Cancer Tissue Biobank (NCTB).
  2. It will collect samples from cancer patients, through a network of pan-India collection centres by bringing all cancer treatment institutions on board.

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Recently, NilgiriTahr’s population has increased from 568 in 2018 to 612 in 2019 in the Mukurthi National Park, Tamil Nadu.Consider the following statements regarding the NilgiriTahr:

  1. It has been listed as “Critically Endangered” by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  2. It has been listed under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
  3. It is endemic to the Nilgiri Hills and the southern portion of the Western Ghats inTamil Nadu and Kerala.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

National Infrastructure Pipeline

Recently, the government constituted a high-level task force to draw up National Infrastructure Pipeline(NIP)worth $1.4 trillion.Consider the following statements about the NIP:

  1. The NIP will be guided by the task force consisting of six members and led by the Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs.
  2. The National Infrastructure Pipeline would include only brownfield projects costing above Rs 100 crore each.
  3. The task force is mandated to submit its report on the pipeline for 2019-20 by October 31, 2019 and on the indicative pipeline for 2021-25 by December-end, the ministry said.

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below?

Influenza Virus

Recently, India has been declared free from which of the following influenza virus?

Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal

Recently, Maharashtra and Karnataka governments have agreed to jointly oppose Andhra Pradesh’s application seeking a relook at the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal’s 2010 order on water distribution between the states. Consider the following statements regarding the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal:

  1. The Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal (KWDT) was set up in 1968 under the Inter-State River Water Dispute Act, 1956, and presented its report in 1973.
  2. The report, which was published in 1976, divided the 2060 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) of Krishna water at 75 per cent dependability into three parts: 560 TMC for Maharashtra, 700 TMC for Karnataka and 800 TMC for Andhra Pradesh.
  3. As new grievances arose between the states, the second KWDT was instituted in 2004. It delivered its report in 2010, which made allocations of the Krishna water at 65 per cent dependability and for surplus flows as follows: 81 TMC for Maharashtra, 177 TMC for Karnataka, and 190 TMC for Andhra Pradesh.

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