US and China Agree to Resume Military Communications

  • 17 Nov 2023

Recently, US President announced the resumption of military-to-military communications with China to alleviate rising tensions, following a rare meeting with Chinese President in California.

Key Points

  • Direct Communication Restored: US President emphasizes the restoration of clear, open communication channels, marking the first in-person meeting between the leaders in over a year.
  • Constructive Talks despite Disagreements: US President acknowledged remaining disagreements but describes the discussions as among the most constructive and productive.
  • Direct Line Established: Both leaders agreed to establish a direct communication line to prevent misunderstandings and accidents, signalling progress in diplomatic relations.
  • Military Communications Severed Last Year: China had cut military-to-military communications in response to a visit by then-US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.
  • Chinese President Openness to Better Relations: Chinese President expressed a desire for improved relations, affirming a commitment to diplomacy and cooperation during a dinner with US business leaders.
  • Fentanyl Agreement: The leaders announced agreements, including measures to combat the flow of fentanyl from China, addressing a contributing factor to rising overdose deaths in the US.
  • Joint Examination of AI: The US and China agreed to jointly examine artificial intelligence, demonstrating cooperation in addressing shared challenges.
  • Communication Restored on "Basis of Equality": China announces the restoration of military communications on the basis of equality and respect after the APEC summit meeting.
  • Managing Competition and Open Channels: Officials downplay expectations, emphasizing the goal of managing competition, preventing conflict, and keeping communication channels open.