Ministry of Tourism Unveils National Competitions to Boost Rural Tourism

  • 05 Dec 2023

On 3rd December, 2023, the Ministry of Tourism introduced the National Best Tourism Village Competition 2024 and the National Best Rural Homestay Competition 2024 to bolster the promotion and development of Rural Tourism across India, building on the success of the 2023 edition that recognized 35 villages.

Key Points

  • Collaboration: These initiatives, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, aim to enhance Rural Tourism in India.
  • Role of Competitions: The National Best Tourism Village and National Best Rural Homestays Competitions are strategic initiatives to implement the national strategies.
  • These competitions foster collaboration among governments, industry stakeholders, NGOs, and local communities, synergizing efforts to strengthen rural economies.
  • Objective of Competitions: The competitions seek to instill healthy competitiveness among villages and rural homestays, recognizing outstanding contributions to Rural Tourism.
  • Goal: The goal is to incentivize communities and individuals for active involvement in achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Nodal Agency: The Ministry has established the Central Nodal Agency Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay (CNA RT & RH) to effectively implement initiatives for Rural Tourism.
  • CNA RT & RH is conducting capacity-building sessions for states to create Master Trainers for spreading awareness at the village level.
  • Impact on Tourism: The competitions are expected to boost tourism in lesser-explored regions, encouraging community participation, preserving cultural authenticity, and promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the tourism sector.