Interpol Reveals Global Spread of Human-Trafficking Fuelled Cyber Fraud

Recently, Interpol, in its first operation targeting human-trafficking-driven cyber fraud, disclosed the global expansion of this criminal industry, reaching beyond its origins in Southeast Asia, with scam centres emerging as far as Latin America.

Key Points

  • Global Operation and Spread of Crime: Interpol reported that in October, law enforcement agencies from over 20 countries conducted inspections at trafficking and smuggling hotspots globally.
  • The operation highlighted the global reach of the crime, with examples including victims from Malaysia lured to Peru and Ugandan nationals taken to Dubai, Thailand, and Myanmar for cyber fraud operations.
  • Expanding Geographical Footprint: The coordinated operation, leading to numerous arrests, showcased the "expanding geographical footprint" of human-trafficking-driven cyber fraud.
  • UN's Assessment and Revenue Generation: The United Nations acknowledges Southeast Asia as a hotspot for trafficking victims forced to work in illegal online operations.
  • The U.N. estimates that these fast-growing scam centres generate billions in revenue each year, illustrating the scale of the issue.