India Elected First Vice Chair in FAO COFI’s Sub-Committee on Fisheries Management

  • 23 Jan 2024

India recently achieved a major milestone in fisheries governance worldwide by securing the position of First Vice Chair for COFI Sub-Committee on Fishery Management, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Key Points

  • Crucial Sub-Committee: India's participation in this important Sub-Committee reflects its desire to contribute not only discussing but also making decisions that will inform the world on how fish resources should be governed and managed globally.
  • FAO Fisheries Bureau Membership: For the first time since independence, India became a member of FAO Fisheries Bureau on ‘Capture Fisheries’.
  • Global Fisheries Governance: India’s election to the First Vice Chair position expected will have a central role in shaping and changing policies around fisheries governance globally. This position improves India’s credibility as one of the major actors in global debates on sustainable fishing methods.
  • Unprecedented Representation: The appointment is interesting because it demonstrates the prominence of India as a prominent voice in discussions about fisheries management.
  • The country can act as a major contributor to world fisheries policies due to its long-term experience, which includes over 28 million inland and marine fishers.
  • Long-Term Impact: India’s active involvement in the COFI Sub-Committee underscores a long term cooperative approach to addressing issues and promoting sustainable fishery management practices on an international platform.