Ancient Badami Chalukya Temples Unearthed in Mudimanikyam Village

  • 27 Feb 2024

Recently, archaeological discovery in Mudimanikyam village reveals two temples dating back 1,300-1,500 years and a 1,200-year-old label inscription.

Key Points

  • Historical Discovery: Recent excavation in Mudimanikyam village, Nalgonda district, reveals two ancient temples and a label inscription.
  • Temples estimated to be between 1,300 and 1,500 years old, dating back to 543 AD to 750 AD.
  • Label inscription from 8th or 9th century AD, belonging to the Badami Chalukya period.
  • Unique Architecture and Significance: Temples exhibit Kadamba Nagara style in the Rekha Nagara format, unique to Telangana.
  • Treasure Trove of History: Discovery of temples and inscription adds to the rich historical narrative of the region.
  • Label Inscription and Interpretation: Label inscription, 'Gandaloranru', found on a pillar of a temple group, raises questions about its meaning. 'Gandaloranru' could be a heroic title, reflecting Kannada language influence.
  • Panchakuta Temples and Historical Context: Label inscription's age suggests association with Panchakuta temples, attributed to the late Badami Chalukya period.
  • One temple lacks a Shivalinga, while another houses a Vishnu idol, indicating religious diversity during that era.
  • Preservation Efforts and Present Condition: Urgent need for preservation efforts to maintain the integrity of these ancient structures.
  • Unfortunately, temples are currently not in use, highlighting the importance of conservation initiatives.