India, Mauritius Inaugurate Strategic Projects for Maritime Security

  • 01 Mar 2024

On 29th February, the joint inauguration of air strip and jetty was conducted, enhancing maritime security and connectivity to Mauritius’ Agalega islands.

Key Points

  • Commitment to Regional Security: PM underscored the active collaboration between India and Mauritius towards ensuring security, prosperity, and stability in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Historic Milestone for Mauritius: Mauritius PM hailed the inauguration as a historic day, emphasizing the significance of the projects in bolstering marine surveillance, security, and developmental objectives.
  • Strategic Collaboration: The development of the air strip and jetty follows PM’s visit to Mauritius in 2015, reflecting India's commitment to assisting Mauritius in meeting its development goals while respecting sovereignty principles.
  • Enhancing Maritime Capabilities: The newly inaugurated infrastructure is expected to enhance surveillance and monitoring capabilities in Mauritius’ vast Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), enabling effective responses to various challenges including piracy, terrorism, and illegal fishing.
  • Economic and Social Impact: In addition to bolstering security, the projects are poised to generate economic activities, employment opportunities, and improve the quality of life for residents of Agalega island.
  • India-Mauritius Partnership: The India-funded projects underscore the strategic partnership between the two nations, aiming to strengthen connectivity and maritime security in the Indian Ocean region.