Ministry of Minority Affairs Approves Heritage Projects

  • 15 Mar 2024

Projects for minority religious and cultural studies in Indian universities get the green light.

Key Points

  • Focus on Heritage and Prosperity: Approvals align with Prime Ministers’ vision of progress through heritage and prosperity pledges.
  • Investment in Gurumukhi Script: Rs. 25 crore sanctioned for establishing a Centre of Gurumukhi script at Khalsa College, University of Delhi.
  • Boost for Buddhist Studies: Approval for a Centre for Advanced Studies in Buddhist Studies at the University of Delhi with an estimated cost of Rs. 35 crore.
  • Support for Jain Manuscriptology: Funds of Rs. 40 crore allocated for the Centre of Jain Manuscriptology at Gujarat University.
  • Infrastructural Development at CIHCS: Rs. 40 crore sanctioned for infrastructural development at the Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies.
  • Establishment of Centre for Jain Studies: Financial assistance of Rs. 25 crores approved for a Centre for Jain Studies at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya's Indore Campus.