India Launches Probe into Chemical Imports from China, Japan

  • 02 Apr 2024

India recently initiated anti-dumping probe on chemical imports used in rubber industry from China, Japan.

Key Points

  • Probe Initiated by Commerce Ministry: Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) probes alleged dumping of 'Insoluble Sulphur'.
  • Prima Facie Evidence Presented: DGTR notification cites prima facie evidence of injury to domestic industry due to dumped imports.
  • Anti-dumping investigation launched to assess alleged dumping and resultant injury to domestic industry.
  • Potential Imposition of Anti-dumping Duty: DGTR may recommend imposition of anti-dumping duty if dumping found to cause material injury to domestic players.
  • Final decision on duty imposition rests with the finance ministry.
  • Objective of Anti-dumping Probes: Anti-dumping probes aim to determine if domestic industries are harmed by surge in cheap imports.
  • Duties imposed under WTO regime to ensure fair trade practices and level-playing field for domestic producers.
  • Multi-lateral Trade Context: India, China, and Japan are WTO members, part of 166-member multi-lateral trade body.
  • India has previously imposed anti-dumping duties on various products, including those from China, to address cheap imports.