Tripura's Matabari Pera and Pachra Receive GI Tags

  • 03 Apr 2024

On 29th March, Tripura CM announced GI tags for Matabari Pera and Pachra, boosting indigenous crafts and preserving cultural heritage.

Key Points:

  • Prestigious Recognition: Matabari Pera, a dairy-based confectionary, and Pachra, a handwoven cloth, earn Geographical Indication (GI) tags, acknowledging their cultural significance.
  • Temple Tradition: Matabari Pera is traditionally served as prasad at Tripurasundari temple, while Pachra is used by the state's Indigenous communities, reflecting the cultural heritage.
  • Community Efforts: Matabari Mahila Cluster Level Bahumukhi Samabaya Samity Limited and Dewanbari Mahila Cluster Bahumukhi Samabaya Samity Limited led the efforts to obtain GI tags, showcasing community involvement.
  • Revival of Traditional Crafts: GI tags are expected to revive the dwindling number of traditional weavers and provide a boost to Tripura's rich art forms.
  • Previous Recognition: Tripura's queen pineapple had previously received a GI tag, highlighting the region's diverse range of recognized products.