India Backs UN Resolution Affirming Palestinian Self-Determination

  • 06 Apr 2024

On 5th April, 2024, India, alongside 41 other nations, backs UN resolution affirming Palestinian right to independence.

Key Points

  • India Votes in Favor: India supports UN resolution for Palestinian self-determination.
  • Global Support: 42 member states, including India, back the resolution.
  • US and Paraguay Dissent: Only two nations, US and Paraguay, oppose the resolution.
  • Resolution Details: Reaffirms Palestinian right to independence and calls for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Call to End Occupation: Urges Israel to cease occupation of Palestinian Territory and supports two-state solution.
  • Government Authority: DoE empowered to set conditions for student retention post-retest, as per RTE Act rules.