Asia Bears Brunt of Climate Disasters in 2023

  • 23 Apr 2024

In April 2024, WMO's report revealed Asia as the most disaster-hit region, with floods, storms, and heat waves causing casualties and economic losses, exacerbating by climate change.

Key Points

  • Record Disaster Impact: Asia experiences the highest number of weather, climate, and water-related hazards in 2023, leading to significant casualties and economic losses, states WMO report.
  • Extreme Weather Events: Floods and storms cause the highest number of reported casualties and economic losses, exacerbated by intensified heat waves, affecting millions across Asia.
  • Rising Temperatures: Many countries in Asia witness their hottest year on record in 2023, with temperatures soaring above historical averages, amplifying the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.
  • Regional Impact: Severe heat waves and prolonged droughts affect various regions, leading to fatalities, crop damage, and below-normal precipitation levels, impacting agriculture and livelihoods.
  • Glacial Retreat: Glaciers in High-Mountain Asia show continued mass loss, exacerbated by record-breaking temperatures and dry conditions, posing risks of water scarcity and natural hazards.
  • Ocean Warming: Upper-ocean temperatures rise significantly in specific regions, with marine heat waves occurring in the Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the northern Pacific, affecting marine ecosystems.
  • Tropical Cyclones: Despite below-average formation, tropical cyclones cause major impacts in the western north Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, resulting in record-breaking rainfall and destruction in several countries.