UK Parliament Passes Bill for Deporting Migrants to Rwanda

  • 24 Apr 2024

On 22nd April 2024, the UK's upper house of parliament approved a bill facilitating the deportation of undocumented migrants to Rwanda, despite previous legal setbacks and international criticism.

Key Points

  • Background: Driven by concerns over the influx of migrants arriving via small boats, PM Rishi Sunak's government aims to curb illegal immigration by implementing measures such as deporting migrants to Rwanda.
  • The Rwanda Bill: The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill designates Rwanda as a safe third country for deporting individuals, aiming to address Supreme Court concerns and bolster protections through a new treaty with Rwanda.
  • Government's Policy: Under the plan, undocumented migrants arriving in the UK would be transported to Rwanda for assessment and potential resettlement, with integration support provided by the UK government.
  • Criticism and Challenges: The UNHCR and European Court of Human Rights have criticized the plan, citing concerns about the safety and legality of transferring asylum seekers to third countries without adequate safeguards.
  • Political Context: Immigration remains a contentious issue in UK politics, with the Labour Party opposing the costly Rwanda plan, while the government presses forward with deportation preparations amid potential legal challenges.
  • Future Plans: Despite potential legal hurdles, UK PM announced plans for the first deportation flights to Rwanda within 10-12 weeks, signalling the government's determination to proceed with its immigration strategy.