Australia Funds Joint Space Projects with India

  • 02 May 2024

On 30th April, 2024, Australian government allocated funding, totalling AUD 17.6 million, for collaborative space projects with India's Ananth Technologies and Digantara under the International Space Investment (ISI) programme.

Key Points

  • Project Details: Three joint ventures focus on low earth orbit satellite for carbon emissions data, space debris mitigation, and satellite constellation connectivity.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Space Machines Company, Skykraft, and LatConnect60 from Australia collaborate with India's Skyroot, supported by NewSpace India Limited, ISRO, and Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology.
  • Carbon Emissions Data Collection: Low Earth Orbit satellite in Australia to gather high-resolution data on carbon emissions for environmental monitoring.
  • Space Debris Mitigation: Australian-built orbital service vehicle to address space debris issues, launched on an Indian launcher.
  • Satellite Constellation Connectivity: The collaboration envisages development of a position, navigation, and timing system to connect large-scale satellite constellations.
  • Bilateral Collaboration: Australian Minister for Industry and Science emphasized space partnership's potential to strengthen India-Australia ties and regional outcomes.