India, UK Reaffirm Commitment to Free Trade Agreement

  • 20 May 2024

On 17th May, 2024, India and Britain reiterated their dedication to finalizing a beneficial free trade agreement at the UK-India Strategic Dialogue.

Key Points

  • Progress on 2030 Roadmap: India and the UK review advancements on the 2030 Roadmap, focusing on collaborative efforts in areas such as malaria vaccine development and G20 Presidency.
  • FTA Negotiations: Both nations commit to ongoing negotiations for a mutually advantageous free trade agreement, emphasizing enhanced defence cooperation alongside.
  • Defence Capability Cooperation: Discussions include ongoing and future collaborations in defence capability, underscoring avenues for deeper engagement in this sector.
  • High-Level Meetings: Indian Foreign Secretary engaged in discussions with UK officials, including Minister of State for Defence Procurement, to explore defence cooperation opportunities.
  • Commitment to Cooperation: UK's FCDO Minister for South Asia emphasized commitment to strengthening ties with India, highlighting mutual interests in trade, defence, climate, and health.
  • 2030 Roadmap Implementation: The 2030 Roadmap, established in 2021, outlines joint commitments in health, climate, trade, education, science, technology, and defence.
  • FTA Talks Status: India and the UK have conducted 13 rounds of FTA talks, with discussions ongoing in areas like goods, services, investments, and intellectual property rights.