China Investigates POM Copolymers for Dumping Practices

  • 20 May 2024

On 19th May, 2024, China launched an investigation on POM copolymers from the EU, US, Japan, and Taiwan.

Key Points

  • China Initiates Anti-Dumping Probe: China's Commerce Ministry launched an investigation into POM copolymers, aiming to address concerns of unfair trade practices and dumping.
  • Plastic's Versatile Applications: POM copolymers, capable of replacing metals like copper and zinc, find extensive use in auto parts, electronics, and medical equipment, states the ministry.
  • EU's Response and Concerns: The European Commission reacted cautiously, urging China to ensure WTO compliance. The move comes amidst broader trade tensions with the US and Europe.
  • US Tariff Hikes: The US imposed significant tariff hikes on Chinese imports, including electric vehicles, computer chips, and medical products, escalating trade tensions.
  • EU's Trade Investigations: The European Union launched probes into Chinese exports, including tinplate steel, echoing concerns over trade fairness and subsidy utilization.
  • Focus on Chinese EVs: The European Commission mulls punitive tariffs on Chinese EVs suspected of benefiting from state subsidies, adding to existing trade tensions.
  • China's Response to Criticisms: China defends its stance against criticisms from the US and Europe, highlighting innovation and downplaying the significance of state support in driving growth.