ICC Seeks Arrest Warrants for Israel, Hamas Leaders

  • 21 May 2024

On 20th May, 2024, the International Criminal Court sought arrest warrants for Israel and Hamas leaders, including Benjamin Netanyahu, over alleged war crimes during their seven-month conflict.

Key Points:

  • ICC Prosecutor's Announcement: Chief prosecutor Karim Khan seeks arrest warrants for Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, and three Hamas leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza and Israel.
  • Judicial Review: A panel of judges will evaluate evidence to determine whether to issue the warrants and proceed with the case.
  • Israel's Response: Israel, not an ICC member, faces isolation; Foreign Minister Katz calls it a "historic disgrace" and vows to challenge any warrants.
  • Hamas Denouncement: Hamas criticizes the ICC's attempt to equate "victim with executioner" and asserts the right to resist Israeli occupation.
  • Biden's Statement: U.S. President Biden condemns the ICC's move, affirming unwavering support for Israel's security.
  • Background: Conflict began on Oct. 7, 2021, resulting in significant casualties and humanitarian crises in Gaza and Israel.
  • ICC's Role: The ICC, independent but criticized by some nations, investigates the world's gravest atrocities, including war crimes and genocide.