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North Korea Missile Test

Why it is in the News?

  • North Korea fired two short-range missiles on 9th May less than a week after it test-fired multiple rockets and a missile.
  • The tests seem to be a protest by the North Korea for failing to reach an agreement during the Hanoi summit with the US on the sanctions imposed on North Korea by the US.


  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump met in Hanoi, Vietnam on 27 February 2019 for their second bilateral summit meeting. The first summit was held in June 2018 in Singapore.
  • In the second meeting, North Korea was hesitant towards complete denuclearization which it had promised in 2018 and the US insisted on complete denuclearization thus ending the meeting without any conclusive agreement.
  • North Korea expects the Trump administration to show more flexibility in talks or else it will go back on its promise to scrap its deadly nuclear arsenal and programme.
  • Meanwhile South Korea has expressed its willingness to hold a fourth meeting with North Korea to push for a truce between the two Koreas.

Source: TH