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India gets back Goat-Headed Yogini Statue

  • A 10th century stone idol of goat-headed Yogini was handed over to India by the High Commission of India, London.
  • The idol was illegally removed from Uttar Pradesh's Banda from a temple in Lokhari.
  • The theft had taken place somewhere in the 1980s.
  • The goat-headed Yogini sculpture belonged to a group of stone deities carved in sandstone and installed in the Lokhari temple.
  • Notably, another similar sculpture of the buffalo-headed Vrishanana Yogini was stolen from the same temple in Lokhari and was recovered by India in the year 2013. It was repatriated by the Embassy of India in Paris.
  • Yoginis are a group of powerful female divinities associated with the Tantric mode of worship. They are worshipped as a group, often 64, and are believed to possess infinite powers.