Indian Space Policy 2023

  • 07 Apr 2023

On 6th April, 2023, the Government of India approved the Indian Space Policy 2023, which seeks to institutionalize private sector participation in the country's space sector.

  • The Indian Space Policy 2023 has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security chaired by Prime Minister.
  • The policy delineates the roles and responsibilities of various entities, including Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), and Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe).
  • Private sector participation in end-to-end space activities is now allowed, including building satellites, rockets, and launch vehicles, data collection, and dissemination.
  • The policy encourages private companies to invest in creating new infrastructure for the sector and outlines a framework for them to use ISRO facilities for a small charge.
  • ISRO will focus on developing new technologies and systems, while operational aspects will be handled by NewSpace (NSIL) India Limited.
  • This means that NSIL, a public sector undertaking under the Department of Space, will work in a demand-driven mode and be responsible for the operational part of ISRO's missions.
  • The policy is expected to substantially increase India's share in the global space economy, which is currently less than 2% and could increase to 10% in the future.
  • The private sector welcomed the announcement, as they had been waiting for the policy for some time.