Spain's Secretary of State for Trade Visits India

  • 17 Apr 2023

During a recent visit to India, Spain's Secretary of State for Trade emphasized the need to identify and address barriers to trade and investment while cooperating in various fields.

  • The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the economic ties between India and Spain and build on the previous high-level visits, which were halted due to the pandemic.
  • She highlighted renewable energy, transport, science, and CEO meetings as some of the areas of focus.
  • She discussed the country's transfer of technology and long-term partnership goals in the defense industry with the Secretary of Defence.
  • She pointed out that Spain has a powerful defense industry, including aerospace, naval, and satellite vehicles.
  • The Spanish defense industry's transfer of technology and long-term partnership goals will boost the Make in India initiative.
  • She also emphasized the visibility of Spanish brands in India and the need to identify Spain with technology in certain fields like renewable energy and green hydrogen.
  • Spain's expertise in renewable energy, particularly in offshore wind power and green hydrogen, will strengthen the country's position as a reliable partner in these fields.
  • The Indian government's willingness to negotiate is an encouraging sign to make progress in the FTA, geographical indications agreement, and investment protection agreement.