Meeting of NSAs of India, U.S. and UAE

  • 10 May 2023

On May 7th 2023, Saudi Prince and Prime Minister hosted a special meeting of the National Security Advisers (NSAs) of India, the U.S., and the UAE in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • About The Meeting: This meeting, described as another important "Quad" in West Asia, focused on discussing infrastructure initiatives in the Gulf region.
  • Discussions and Statements: The discussions aimed to strengthen relations and ties between the participating countries to promote growth and stability in the region.
  • The U.S. White House statement highlighted the shared vision of a more secure and prosperous Middle East region interconnected with India and the world.
  • The meeting between U.S. NSA and Indian NSA was part of preparations for upcoming meetings between Indian Prime Minister and U.S. President.
  • Infrastructure Initiatives and Countering China: The quadrilateral meeting discussed infrastructure projects, including connecting Gulf countries through a railway network and linking India via shipping lanes.
  • These initiatives are seen as a counter to China's Belt and Road initiative and its influence in the region.
  • The comprehensive economic partnership between India and the UAE was mentioned as a driving force behind the cooperation.