India and Japan Hold Bilateral Talks on Steel Sector Cooperation and Decarbonisation

  • 22 Jul 2023

On 20th July, 2023, India and Japan conducted bilateral talks to foster cooperation in the steel sector and address decarbonisation challenges.

Key Points:

  • Strengthening Collaboration: Both nations demonstrated their commitment to fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors of India and Japan. This synergy aims to leverage expertise and resources to enhance the steel sector's growth and sustainability.
  • Balancing Policy Approach: India and Japan emphasized the importance of adopting a policy approach that takes into account the unique circumstances of their respective steel industries.
  • Seeking Expertise: India sought Japanese expertise in safety training for Indian steel plants, recognizing the value of knowledge exchange to enhance safety standards and practices in the steel industry.
  • Cooperative Efforts: Japan sought India's cooperation in steel decarbonisation efforts, acknowledging the pivotal role of international cooperation in realizing sustainable practices and mitigating carbon emissions in the steel sector.
  • Towards Net-Zero Goals: Both sides recognized the significance of collaboration in achieving their respective net-zero emission goals.
  • They acknowledged the diverse pathways and approaches required to accomplish steel decarbonisation objectives while considering each nation's unique circumstances.
  • Future Cooperation: India and Japan have planned future discussions, including a 'Steel Dialogue,' and other cooperation programs.
  • These dialogues will specifically focus on exploring innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency and advance the decarbonisation agenda in steel production.