UNESCO Adds Kyiv and Lviv to 'In Danger' List

  • 18 Sep 2023

UNESCO, the United Nations' cultural organization, has recently included the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Lviv on its 'in danger' list due to the ongoing risk posed by a potential Russian invasion.

Key Points

  • Russian Invasion Threat: The decision was made during UNESCO's annual world heritage committee meeting in Riyadh, and it highlights the need for better protection of these historic cities and their cultural treasures.
  • Protection and Aid: UNESCO stated that the inclusion of Kyiv and Lviv on the List of World Heritage in Danger also allows for additional financial and technical assistance to implement emergency measures for their safeguarding.
  • This move underscores the critical importance of preserving these historic sites in the face of looming threats.
  • Specific Sites Listed: Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv and the medieval structures within the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery site have been added to the 'in danger' list due to the threat posed by the Russian offensive.
  • Odessa's Inclusion: The decision to designate Kyiv and Lviv as 'in danger' sites followed UNESCO's earlier addition of Ukraine's Black Sea port of Odessa to the World Heritage List.
  • About Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv: Saint Sophia Cathedral, constructed between 1037 and 1044 during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, stands as a remarkable architectural gem.
  • It represents an exquisite fusion of Byzantine and Ukrainian architectural styles, featuring an exterior adorned with 13 golden domes, each symbolizing Christ, the Virgin Mary, the apostles, and various saints.
  • About Lviv: Lviv, founded in the late Middle Ages, achieved recognition when its historic center was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1998.
  • Known for its rich history, charming architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, Lviv is often celebrated as Ukraine's most enchanting and well-preserved city.