12th Malaysia-India Defence Cooperation Committee Meeting

  • 20 Sep 2023

On 19th September, 2023, India and Malaysia convened in New Delhi for the 12th Malaysia-India Defence Cooperation Committee (MIDCOM) meeting, where they discussed various aspects of their defence cooperation and regional concerns.

Key Points

  • Establishment of a Strategic Affairs Working Group (SAWG): Both nations explored ways to strengthen bilateral defence engagement.
  • An agreement was reached to create a Strategic Affairs Working Group (SAWG).
  • SAWG will serve as a consultative mechanism to comprehensively handle all aspects of defence cooperation between India and Malaysia.
  • Focus Areas: Emerging areas of cooperation, including cybersecurity, and global commons issues were addressed.
  • Both nations emphasized collaboration in defence industry, maritime security, and multilateral initiatives.
  • Defence Industry Collaboration: Malaysia expressed confidence in India's defence industry capabilities, especially in shipbuilding and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Strategic Partnership: India and Malaysia reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the Enhanced Strategic Partnership, grounded in mutual trust and shared democratic values.
  • Significance: The meeting signifies the deepening defence ties between Malaysia and India.