11th IBSA Trilateral Ministerial Commission

  • 26 Sep 2023

On 23rd Sept, Foreign Ministers of India, Brazil, and South Africa met for the 11th IBSA Trilateral Ministerial Commission, expressed frustration with the lack of progress in UN Security Council reform negotiations.

Key Points

  • Commitment to Security Council Expansion: The foreign ministers reaffirmed their commitment to expanding the UN Security Council to include representation from developing economies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Call for Result-Oriented Process: They emphasized the need for a result-oriented approach and urged intensified efforts to achieve concrete outcomes within a fixed timeframe through the initiation of text-based negotiations.
  • IBSA's Role and Principles: The ministers highlighted the role of the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) forum in promoting coordination on global issues and enhancing trilateral cooperation.
  • They underscored the importance of IBSA's principles, including reformed multilateralism, human rights, and international law.
  • Energizing IBSA Forum: The ministers expressed their intention to invigorate the IBSA Forum and announced plans for a Standalone Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brazil in early 2024.