Arunachal Yak Churpi Receives GI Tag

  • 09 Oct 2023

Recently, Arunachal Pradesh has achieved Geographical Indication (GI) certification for its unique yak milk product, Arunachal Yak Churpi.

Additionally, two other distinct products from the state, Khaw Tai (Khamti rice) and Tangsa textile, have also obtained GI certifications.

Key Points

  • Yak Milk Product - Arunachal Yak Churpi: Arunachal Yak Churpi, the first-ever yak milk product, has been granted a Geographical Indication tag.
  • This product is prepared from the milk of Arunachali yaks, a unique breed found in the West Kameng and Tawang districts of the state.
  • It is reared by tribal yak pastoralists known as Brokpas.
  • These pastoralists migrate with their yaks to higher altitudes (above 10,000 ft) during summers and descend to mid-altitude mountainous regions in winters, as yaks cannot survive in lower altitudes during the summer.
  • Khaw Tai - Khamti Rice Variety: Khaw Tai, a unique chewy sticky rice variety cultivated in the Namsai region, has also received GI certification.
  • Traditional Khampti tribal farmers grow this rice.
  • It has various culinary uses, including the preparation of "khautoum" by steaming and wrapping it in a leaf, "khautek" as a ball-shaped variant blended with molasses, and "khaupuk," a staple Khampti snack made from sticky rice and sesame seeds.
  • Tangsa Textile: The Tangsa tribe's textile products from Changlang district, known for their exotic designs and colors, have been recognized with GI certification.