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  • ‘PrerakDauurSamman’ is a new category of award announced by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA), as part of SwachhSurvekshan 2021.
  • The PrerakDauurSamman has five additional sub-categories namely, Divya (Platinum), Anupam (Gold), Ujjwal (Silver), Udit (Bronze) and Aarohi (Aspiring).
  • In SwachhSurvekshan 2020, cities were evaluated on the criteria of ‘population category’ but for 2021, they will be categorised on the basis of six select indicator wise performance criteria:

    • Segregation of waste into Wet, Dry and Hazard categories.
    • Processing capacity against wet waste generated.
    • Processing and recycling of wet and dry waste.
    • Construction and Demolition waste processing.
    • Percentage of waste going to landfills.
    • Sanitation status of cities.

2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

  • Kritika Pandey, the winner of Asian region prize has been declared as the overall winner of the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for her story, “The Great Indian Tee and Snakes”. 
  • Kritika is the second Indian to win the overall prize after Parashar Kulkarni in 2016.

Diana Award 2020

  • Freya Thakral, a 13 year old student of the British School, New Delhi received the 2020 Diana Award for her Recycler App, which she developed to connect users with waste-handlers as a measure to help the ragpickers of Delhi.
  • The award is presented annually on the birth anniversary of Princess Diana (UK).


INDBATT Wins UNIFIL Environment Award

  • An Indian battalion stationed with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has won an environment award for a project that aims to decrease waste generation, reuse plastic, build green houses and compost pits.
  • UNIFIL’s Indian Battalion (INDBATT) was adjudged first for a project that seeks to “increase awareness and decrease waste generation by planting seedlings in their positions and areas of responsibility, preventing littering, reusing plastic bottles, building green houses and building compost pits.
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