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Civil Services Chronicle Online, September, 2020:

Impact Of Coronavirus On Trade


  1. whether Indian economy has started showing decline in the import duty received by the Government from Chinese goods due to impact of Coronavirus and if so, the details thereof along with the assessment made by the Government in this regard and the corrective measures taken/being taken for the same;
  2. whether it is true that India is heavily dependent on China for the raw material used in the manufacturing in the country and if so, the details thereof;
  3. whether the Government is searching for some other alternatives for the raw materials being imported from China and if so, the details thereof along with the steps taken in this regard;
  4. whether the Government is going to announce a set of measures to tackle possible disruption of supply of drugs and other manufactured goods due to Coronavirus outbreak in China and if so, the details thereof;
  5. whether any meeting has been held with the Industry players/businessmen and other stakeholders in this regard and if so, the detailed discussion held and the plan chalked out to address the concern raised by them; and

Setting Up Of Centres To Create Awareness Among People About Indian Culture


  1. whether the Government proposes to set up any centre in the country for spreading of awareness of the cultural heritage of India;
  2. if so, the State-wise/Union Territory-wise details thereof;
  3. the steps taken or proposed to be taken by the Government for creating awareness about cultural heritage and values of India among the people in this regard?

Skill Development In Backward Districts


  1. whether the Government has set any target to provide employment and self-employment especially in States having underdeveloped and backward districts under various skill development schemes;
  2. if so, the details thereof, State-wise, Scheme-wise along with the number of semi-employed and unemployed youth in various States, State-wise;
  3. the number of unemployed youth given employment during the last three years and the current year under various skill development schemes, scheme-wise, State/UT-wise and gender-wise; and
  4. the number of skill development schemes in operation and the sector-wise number of skill development centres, State-wise?



  1. whether the recent initiatives taken by the Government has yielded any fruits to bring down the unemployment amongst the youth which is stated to be about 17 per cent;
  2. if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor;
  3. the manner in which the Government aims to tackle this demographic issue once in a generation through sustained efforts; and
  4. the steps taken/being taken by the Government to solve the major issue of employability through quality of higher education?

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