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Trial By Media

Question by: Manish Tewari

  1. Whether the Government has taken note of increasing spectre of trials by the Media in matters that are still in the process of being investigated under the relevant provisions of the IPC & CRPC and if so, the details thereof;
  2. Whether government has received any complaints/representations from people regarding trials by media in pending criminal matters, if so, the details thereof along with action taken thereon;
  3. The number of alerts/internal references made to the Ministry by the Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC) on the matter and details of action taken against the erring entities, indicating the names of such TV channels;

Arth-Ganga Project

Question by: Jayanta Kumar Roy, Sangeeta Kumari Singh Deo, Bhola Singh, Vinod Kumar Sonkar, Raja Amareshwara Naik, Sukanta Majumdar

  1. Whether the Government has proposed Arth-Ganga Project to channelize economic activity along the banks of Ganga river if so, the details thereof;
  2. Whether the Government is considering to corporatise at least one major port and subsequently its listing on the stock exchanges, if so, the details thereof;
  3. Whether the Government had decided that governance framework is in keeping with global benchmarks needed for more efficient sea-ports and if so, the details thereof;
  4. whether the Government has approved Major Port Authority Bill, 2020 to replace existing Major Port Trust Act to provide more operational autonomy to ports; and
  5. If so, the other steps being taken by the Government in this regard?

Poverty Of Farmers

Question by: Devendrappa Y

  1. whether the reason for poverty of farmers is low productivity (yield per hectare) of all major crops in the country;
  2. if so, the details thereof and the reasons for low productivity of agriculture in the country;
  3. whether the increase in agricultural productivity requires greater investment in farm inputs; and
  4. if so, the steps taken by the Government to increase investment, both public and private, in agriculture sector in the country?

Informal And Unorganised Sector

Question by: Feroze Varun Gandhi

  1. whether the Government maintains a distinction between ‘informal ‘and ‘unorganised‘ sector;
  2. if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor;
  3. the total number of unorganised and informal workforce and its proportion to the total workforce and the percentage of working females employed in the unorganised or informal sector; and
  4. the steps taken by Government to promote formalisation of workforce?

Artificial Intelligence

Question by: Jayant Sinha

  1. The steps taken by the Government to boost the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector in the country;
  2. The objectives that the Global Partnership on AI seeks to achieve; and
  3. The steps taken by the Government to empower the youth with AI skill- set?

Reduction In Forest Cover

Question by: Sarmistha Sethi.

  1. whether the Government is aware of reduction in forest cover across the country as a result of which climate is adversely affected;
  2. if so, steps that have been taken/are being taken to improve the forest cover;
  3. whether there is any proposal to develop specific forest zones for growth of medicinal plants; and
  4. if so, the details thereof?


Question by: Omprakash Bhupalsinh alias Pawan Rajenimbalkar.

  1. whether e-waste is increasing rapidly in the country, every year;
  2. whether the Government has any plan for disposal of e-waste,
  3. whether the Government is aware that the workers engaged in e-waste management are getting affected by various diseases and several casualties have been recorded as a result; and
  4. if so, the steps taken by the Government to save people from such problems and to set up a safe disposal system for e-waste?

Physical And Mental Health Of Children

Question by: Balubhau (Alias Suresh Narayan) Dhanorkar.

  1. whether there has been an adverse impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the physical and mental health of children;if so, the details thereof; and
  2. the steps taken/being taken to promote awareness about mental health issues among children and parents and address the anxiety issues caused in children by the fear of COVID-19 virus?

Malnutrition Among Children

Question by: Rahul Kaswan.

  1. whether the prevalence of malnutrition is highest in the country globally;
  2. Whether the Government is aware that forty four percent children below the age of three years are suffering from malnutrition;
  3. the names and details of such States where the number of children suffering from malnutrition are the highest; and
  4. the corrective steps taken by Government in this regard?

Contribution Of MSMEs In GDP


  1. Whether Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector is the backbone of the Indian economy and generates second highest number of employments after agriculture and if so, the details thereof;
  2. whether MSMEs sector contributes 8-10 percent of the GDP, 40 percent of manufacturing output and 45 percent of exports from the country and if so, the details thereof; and
  3. the reasons for unfair treatment with MSMEs sector when it comes to provide facilities and stimulus to the said sector?

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