Ramayana Circuit


  1. The details of the Ramayana Circuit;
  2. The details of the States getting or likely to get benefits of the Ramayana Circuit;
  3. The districts of the States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar that would be benefited from the Ramayana Circuit scheme; and
  4. The quantum of funds being spent by Government on the Ramayana circuit

Answered By the Minister of Tourism Shri G. Kishan Reddy on 06.04.2023.

(a) to (d): The Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned 76 projects for Rs.5292.57 Crore in identified themes under its Swadesh Darshan scheme (SDS) which includes 2 projects sanctioned under Ramayana Circuit theme. No project under Ramayana Circuit theme has been sanctioned in the State of Bihar. The details of the projects sanctioned under Ramayana Circuit theme are as under:

Name of State/ Year of Sanction


Project Name

Uttar Pradesh


Chitrakoot, Prayagraj

Development of Chitrakoot and Shringverpur

Uttar Pradesh



Development of Ayodhya

Source : Civil Services Chronicle Online, May, 2023