1. Whether Monument Mitra scheme is going to threaten the pluralistic heritage of the country;
  2. Whether Government has any criteria for permitting a company to maintain a heritage site;
  3. Whether trained professionals will be provided to the companies to understand the sites and their history without interfering with it;
  4. Whether all the monuments under this Scheme would be in accordance with and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI); and
  5. If not, the consequences of letting businesses occupy prime public land to build their brands at the cost of further diminishing grounds around iconic monuments?

Answered By: Minister of Culture, Tourism and Development of North Eastern Region Shri G. Kishan Reddy On 06.04.2023

(a). No.

(b). Under the Monument Mitra scheme, the corporate sectors are encouraged to adopt centrally protected monuments and sites to develop and maintain amenities through Corporate Social Responsibility funds.

(c). The corporate sectors are permitted to provide and maintain tourist amenities like washroom, drinking water, child care room, benches, pathways, garbage bins, signage etc under the guidance of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Besides, cleaning of the monument premises is also attended by the Monument Mitra.

(d)&(e). This scheme launched by the Ministry of Tourism in 2017 envisages enhancing tourist experience in Centrally Protected Monuments under ASI, State Protected Monuments and Natural/Tourist places. All the aspects of amenities in respect of Centrally Protected Monuments are duly examined and monitored by ASI.

Source : Civil Services Chronicle Online, May, 2023