Medical Association Launches 24/7 Support for Doctors' Mental Health

  • 19 Dec 2023

In response to the pervasive mental health challenges faced by doctors, the Federation of All India Medical Association (FAIMA) has recently introduced a round-the-clock voluntary support facility.

  • Comprising psychologists, psychiatrists, and resident doctors, the initiative aims to address the stress and mental health issues prevalent among medical professionals.

Key Points

  • Recognizing the Overburdened Healthcare System: FAIMA's national chairperson highlighted the well-known challenges confronting doctors, including overwhelming schedules, extended duty hours without breaks, and resultant mental stress leading to loneliness and depression.
  • Unity against Mental Health Crisis: The initiative's core objective is to foster solidarity among doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Call for Action and Support for Medical Students: The association proposes several measures to the Central government, including fixing and ensuring strict compliance with the duty hours of postgraduate medical students, establishing mental wellness centres in every medical institution, and creating a dedicated helpline for staff members.
  • Insights from a 2022 Study on Suicides among Healthcare Professionals: Referencing a study titled 'Suicide among healthcare professionals — An Indian perspective,' FAIMA sheds light on the leading causes of suicides among medical students and professionals.
  • Addressing Work-Related Stressors: The study emphasizes the detrimental impact of stressfully long working hours on the mental well-being of healthcare professionals.
  • Issues such as inadequate rest between duty shifts, irregular eating patterns, and sleep deprivation contribute to burnout and stress among graduate interns, postgraduate resident doctors, junior physicians, and nursing professionals.