ISRO Successfully Launches XPoSat Satellite

  • 02 Jan 2024

ISRO's PSLV-C58 launched the XPoSat (X-ray Polarimeter Satellite) into an Eastward low inclination orbit on January 01, 2024.

Key Points

  • PSLV-C58 Mission Details: After XPoSat injection, the PS4 stage re-started twice, reducing the orbit to a 350 km circular orbit for 3-axis stabilized mode.
  • The PSLV Orbital Experimental Module-3 (POEM-3) experiment will be executed with 10 identified payloads from ISRO and IN-SPACe.
  • XPoSat Overview: XPoSat is ISRO's first dedicated scientific satellite for space-based polarization measurements of X-ray emissions from celestial sources.
  • Satellite configuration is modified from the IMS-2 bus platform, with mainframe systems derived from IRS satellite heritage.
  • Payloads include POLIX (Polarimeter Instrument in X-rays) by Raman Research Institute and XSPECT (X-ray Spectroscopy and Timing) by Space Astronomy Group of URSC.
  • Mission Objectives: Measure polarization of X-rays (8-30keV) from about 50 cosmic sources using Thomson Scattering by POLIX payload.
  • Conduct long-term spectral and temporal studies (0.8-15keV) of cosmic X-ray sources using XSPECT payload.
  • Perform polarisation and spectroscopic measurements of X-ray emissions from cosmic sources in the common energy band using POLIX and XSPECT payloads.