Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak

  • 06 Feb 2024

Recently, the Centre amalgamated four existing Home Minister's medals to establish a new one, named "Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak."

Key Points

  • Merged Medals: The new medal incorporates the Union Home Minister's Special Operation Medal, Medal for Excellence in Investigation, Asadharan Aasuchana Kushalata Padak, and Awards for Meritorious Service in Forensic Science.
  • Conferment Criteria: The "Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak" will be conferred on members of Police Forces, Security Organizations, Intelligence Wings/Branches, and Forensic Science entities nationwide.
  • Operational Excellence: Recognizing excellence in operations, including Counter Terrorism, Border Action, Arms Control, Left Wing extremism, Narcotics Smuggling Prevention, and Rescue Operations.
  • Design and Composition: The circular medal, 38mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness, features the face of Sardar Patel on the obverse, with "Jai Bharat" inscribed below. The reverse side includes the Ashoka Chakra, "Satya Seva Suraksha," and "Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak" inscriptions.
  • Language Inclusions: Hindi and English inscriptions are separated by a star on either side.
  • Significant Operations: The medal is awarded for the successful conduct of operations with a significant impact on the security of the state, UT, region, or country. Areas include counter-terrorism, border action, arms control, left-wing extremism, narcotics smuggling prevention, and rescue operations.
  • CBIC Personnel Inclusion: Personnel of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) may be considered for the "Prevention of Narcotics Smuggling" category.
  • Outstanding Performance: Recognition for outstanding performance in investigations, intelligence services combating terrorism, militancy, insurgency, and meritorious work in Forensic Science.