India Leads in Snap Inc.’s Digital Well-Being Report

  • 07 Feb 2024

Recently, Snap Inc.’s latest Digital Well-Being Index (DWBI) underscored India’s proactive stance on online safety, with a majority of parents actively involved in ensuring a secure digital environment for their teens.

Key Points

  • Parental Engagement: Snap Inc.'s DWBI highlights the significant role of parents in fostering online safety for young users, with over 60% of Indian parents prioritizing online safety matters.
  • Second Edition Report: The DWBI's second edition evaluates the psychological well-being of Gen Z online, ranking India at the top for the second consecutive year.
  • Indian parents are notably engaged in consistent online safety check-ins, fostering a robust parent-teen culture.
  • Parental Involvement Statistics: India achieved an overall DWBI score of 67, with 82% of parents relying on teens for technical support. Additionally, 60% of Indian teens actively seek parental guidance when faced with online risks.
  • Comparative Analysis: India's commendable scores in online safety surpass those of nations like the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Australia, reflecting a positive trend in fostering healthy digital parent-teen relationships.
  • Technical Support Trends: Among the 82% of Indian parents seeking technical assistance from their children, 64% sought guidance on software applications, and an equal percentage sought help navigating social media platforms.