Japan's H3 Rocket Launch Marks Success

  • 20 Feb 2024

On 17th February, 2024, Japan celebrated a successful launch of its next-generation H3 rocket, signaling a significant achievement for the country's space aspirations.

Key Points

  • Purpose of Microsatellites: The microsatellites aboard the H3 aim to aid disaster prevention efforts and monitor factory operation conditions.
  • Cost-effective Flagship Rocket: H3, developed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, aims to replace the H-IIA rocket with enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • It is designed to carry a 6.5 metric tonne payload into space at a significantly reduced cost compared to its predecessor.
  • Global Outreach: JAXA expects the H3's lower costs and increased payload capacity to attract international clients for various missions, including supporting the Artemis moon exploration program.
  • Future Plans: Japan plans to launch approximately 20 satellites and probes using H3 rockets by 2030, expanding its space exploration endeavors.
  • Post-failure Review: JAXA faced setbacks with previous failed launches but identified electrical faults in subsequent reviews, leading to significant delays in its space plans.
  • Recent Success: Japan achieved success with the landing of its unmanned probe SLIM on the moon, marking a significant milestone in its space exploration journey.