Flood Management and Border Areas Programme

  • 23 Feb 2024

On 21st February, 2024, the Union Cabinet approved continuation of the Flood Management and Border Areas Programme (FMBAP) for 2021-26.

  • Rs. 2,940 crore allocated for flood control, anti-erosion, and drainage development, with funding ratios of 90:10 for Special Category States and 60:40 for General/Non-Special Category States.
  • Rs. 1,160 crore allocated for flood control on border rivers, hydrological observations, and joint water resources projects with neighbouring countries, with 100% central assistance.
  • Union Government supplements state flood management with modern technology adoption, particularly relevant due to increased extreme events and climate change impacts.
  • Works under RMBA component safeguard security installations and border out-posts along border rivers from floods and erosion.
  • Scheme incentivizes states implementing flood plain zoning as effective non-structural flood management measure.