Odysseus: First Private U.S. Moon Landing in Half a Century

  • 23 Feb 2024

On 22nd February, 2024, Odysseus spacecraft achieved a historic lunar touchdown, marking a significant milestone in private space exploration and NASA's Artemis program.

Key Points

  • Historic Touchdown: Texas-based Intuitive Machines' spacecraft, Odysseus, achieves first private U.S. lunar landing in over 50 years.
  • Landing Details: Odysseus lands near the moon's south pole, confirming the success of the mission after overcoming an 11th-hour glitch.
  • Scientific Payload: The spacecraft carries scientific instruments and technology for NASA and commercial customers, focusing on space weather and lunar environment studies.
  • Artemis Program: Odysseus marks the first soft landing under NASA's Artemis lunar program, aiming for sustained lunar exploration and eventual human flights to Mars.
  • Commercial Lunar Payload Services: Odysseus exemplifies NASA's reliance on private ventures for lunar missions, paving the way for cost-effective exploration.