India, US Consular Dialogue Strengthens Cooperation

  • 26 Feb 2024

On 23rd February, India and the US discussed cooperation on extradition, student mobility, migration, and more in the 11th bilateral Consular Dialogue.

Key Points:

  • Cooperation Focus: India and the US focus on enhancing collaboration on various consular issues, including extradition and mobility.
  • Mutual Interests: Both nations discuss topics such as safe migration and protection of vulnerable populations.
  • Initiatives: Launch of a visa renewal pilot in the US and plans for the next Consular Dialogue in 2025 underscore proactive steps.
  • Visitor Visa Trends: Record issuance of US visas in India, with significant reductions in appointment wait times, especially for visitor visas.
  • Student Visa Records: India leads in student visa issuances by the US consular team, setting a record for the third consecutive year.