US Chamber of Commerce Releases 12th International IP Index

  • 02 Mar 2024

On 28th February, India ranked 42nd in the latest International IP Index released by the US Chamber of Commerce. The US leads, with UK and France following closely.

Key Points

  • Policy Recognition: India acknowledges the vital connection between IP rights and economic growth.
  • Global Competitiveness: Improved IP standards enhance India's global competitiveness.
  • Positive Trends: 20 economies show significant improvement.
  • Mixed Performance: Some countries like Saudi Arabia improve, while others stagnate or decline.
  • Ecuador's Decline: Weak IP enforcement leads to a decline in rankings for some nations.
  • Commendable Progress: India's recent amendments to its IP framework are laudable.
  • Empowering Innovation: Proactive measures empower domestic innovators and contribute globally.

Top 10 Global Leaders in IP Rights

  • United States: 95.48%
  • United Kingdom: 94.12%
  • France: 93.12%