Corporate Globalization on the Rise

  • 18 Mar 2024

Recently, DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024 highlighted India's growing influence in global trade and the trajectory of globalization.

Key Points

  • India's Growing Influence: India ranks 9th in merchandise trade breadth globally.
  • It's the largest partner for combined trade, capital, info, and people flows for 10 countries.
  • Trade Boosting Global Connectedness: Global output traded internationally hit record levels in 2022.
  • Information flow globalization stalled due to US-China research collaboration slowdown.
  • US-China Ties Diminish: Both countries' flows involving each other decreased by about one-quarter since 2016.
  • Globalization Resilience: Predictions of global shift to regionalization not visible; most international flows remain stable.
  • Report's Insights: Globalization at 25% level currently, with 143 countries more globally connected. No wider split of world economy between rival blocs observed.