Global Happiness Index 2024: India Ranks 126th

  • 21 Mar 2024

On 20th March, India secured the 126th position among 143 nations in a recent global happiness index.

Key Points

  • India's Rank: 126th, Behind Countries Like Libya, Iraq, Palestine, and Niger
  • Top 10 Happiest Countries: Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia
  • Young vs. Lower Middle: India's Youth "Happiest," Lower Middle Stratum Least Happy
  • US Ranking: Drops Out of Top 20, Largest Decline in Well-Being Among Americans Under 30
  • Afghanistan & Pakistan: Afghanistan Remains Unhappiest, Pakistan Ranks 108th
  • Older Age & Life Satisfaction: Older Indians Generally More Satisfied, Especially Educated and of Higher Social Castes
  • Factors Influencing Satisfaction: Living Arrangements, Perceived Discrimination, Self-Rated Health Key Predictors
  • Recommendations for India: Strengthen Family and Social Networks for Comfortable Living Arrangements, Reduce Discrimination
  • Serbia & Bulgaria: Show Largest Increases in Life Evaluation Scores Since 2013