India's Swadeshi Space Shuttle Pushpak Lands Successfully

  • 22 Mar 2024

On 22nd March, ISRO's SUV-sized winged rocket, Pushpak, achieves precision landing, marking a milestone in India's reusable rocket efforts.

Key Points

  • Test from Air Force Helicopter: The rocket was dropped from an Indian Air Force helicopter as part of the test, with outcomes described as "excellent and precise" by ISRO.
  • Simulation of Space Return Conditions: The mission simulated approach and landing conditions for the winged vehicle returning from space, showcasing its autonomous landing abilities.
  • India's Reusable Launch Vehicle: Pushpak is part of India's ambitious Reusable Launch Vehicle program, aiming to make space access more affordable and minimize space debris.
  • Historical and Mythological Significance: The name "Pushpak" is derived from the mythical Pushpak Viman mentioned in the Ramayana, symbolizing India's rich historical and cultural heritage.
  • Decade-long Development: The development of Pushpak involved a dedicated team of engineers and scientists over a period of ten years, with significant government investment.