Report Highlights Growing Health Concerns in India

  • 06 Apr 2024

On 5th April, 2024, Apollo Hospitals' 4th edition Health of Nation Report revealed concerning rise in Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in India.

Key Points

  • Prevalence of NCDs: Report indicates significant growth in cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health issues.
  • Cancer Concerns: India labeled 'cancer capital of the world' due to escalating cancer incidence compared to global rates.
  • Healthcare Burden: Surge in pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, and mental health disorders projected to increase healthcare burdens.
  • Importance of Health Screenings: Regular screenings crucial for managing blood pressure and BMI levels, reducing risk of cardiac ailments.
  • Increasing Awareness: More Indians opting for comprehensive health checks, reflecting growing awareness of preventive healthcare.
  • Call to Action: Urgent need for interventions to combat NCD epidemic, educate public, and promote preventive healthcare solutions.