Mexico Ends Diplomatic Ties with Ecuador After Embassy Raid

  • 08 Apr 2024

Mexico severs diplomatic relations with Ecuador following a controversial police raid on its embassy in Quito on 5th April.

Key Points

  • Mexican President's Response: President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador condemns Ecuador's actions as a violation of international law and Mexico's sovereignty.
  • Concerns over Glas's Safety: Mexican officials express concern for Glas's safety after armed police forcibly enter the embassy, leading to his arrest.
  • Glas's Background and Allegations: Glas, who served as Vice President from 2013 to 2018, faces corruption charges related to government construction contracts.
  • Political Context: Relations between Mexico and Ecuador were already strained, with President Obrador criticizing Ecuador's political violence and conservative government.
  • Legal Implications: Ecuador's decision to enter the embassy raises questions about diplomatic protocol and asylum rights under the Vienna Convention.
  • International Response: Latin American governments voice support for Mexico, while the US condemns Ecuador's actions as a breach of diplomatic norms.
  • Legal Action by Mexico: Mexico plans to file a complaint against Ecuador with the International Court of Justice in The Hague.