International Migration Boosts Urban Counties

  • 13 Apr 2024

According to recent U.S. Census Bureau data released on April 2024, it shows over 1.1 million international migrants moved to the U.S. in 2023, aiding urban county recoveries from pandemic impacts.

Key Points

  • Major Contributor to Growth: International migrants accounted for over two-thirds of U.S. population growth last year, mitigating losses due to the pandemic.
  • Miami-Dade County Influx: Florida's Miami-Dade County welcomed over 54,000 international migrants, the highest among U.S. counties, with most settling in populous urban regions.
  • Pending Immigration Cases: A significant portion of Florida's international migrants have pending immigration cases, particularly Cubans and Venezuelans, impacting dockets.
  • Los Angeles County Influx: California's Los Angeles County witnessed a notable influx of over 40,300 international migrants, aiding in offsetting local resident departures.
  • Urban Core Lure: Surrounding urbanized counties near Washington D.C., like Montgomery and Prince George’s, attracted significant international migrants, hinting at urban center resurgence.
  • Growth in Tech Hubs: Ada County, Idaho, and select Utah counties saw substantial growth in international migration, possibly influenced by burgeoning tech sectors and returning Latter-day Saints missionaries.
  • Nevada's Decline: Clark County, Nevada, experienced a notable drop in international migration, attributed to economic factors such as high unemployment rates and pandemic challenges.