Nigeria Launches Men5CV Vaccine Against Meningitis - WHO

  • 15 Apr 2024

On 13th April 2024, WHO announced that Nigeria pioneered global fight against meningitis with rollout of revolutionary Men5CV vaccine, targeting multiple strains prevalent in the country.

Key Points

  • Global Milestone: Nigeria becomes first country to introduce Men5CV vaccine against meningitis, a significant step in combating the deadly disease.
  • African Meningitis Hotspot: Nigeria identified as a major hub for meningitis cases in Africa, with a 50% surge in annual cases across 26 hyperendemic countries last year.
  • Epidemiological Data: From October to mid-March, Nigeria reports 1,742 suspected meningitis cases and 153 deaths across seven states, according to WHO statistics.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Men5CV vaccine guards against five major meningitis strains prevalent in Nigeria, offering broader immunity compared to previous single-strain vaccines.
  • Enhanced Coverage: New vaccine addresses limitations of earlier versions by targeting multiple strains, potentially reducing disease burden and fatalities.
  • Global Health Implications: Nigeria's initiative sets a precedent for other countries battling meningitis, highlighting the importance of comprehensive vaccination strategies.