Union Government Launches Inquiry into Organ Transplants

  • 15 Apr 2024

On 14th April 2024, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare took action amid growing concerns over influx of organ transplants for foreign nationals, directing states to investigate and enforce regulations.

Key Points

  • Investigation Initiated: Union government orders probe into organ transplants involving foreign nationals, expressing alarm over increasing cases linked to commercial transactions.
  • Ministry's Concerns: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare underscores the need for close monitoring and enforcement of regulations by state authorities to address violations in organ transplant procedures.
  • Registry Data Reveals Trends: Surge in organ transplants for foreigners prompts scrutiny, with data from National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) highlighting significant rise in such cases.
  • Directive to State Authorities: Director-General of Health Services (DGHS) instructed states to investigate transplants for foreign nationals and take action against hospitals found violating Transplantation of Human Organs & Tissues Act (THOTA) regulations.
  • Emphasis on Unique IDs: Health authorities urged to ensure generation of unique NOTTO-IDs for donors and recipients in all transplant cases, enhancing oversight and accountability.
  • Enforcement Measures: States advised to implement regular inspections of registered transplant hospitals to monitor quality of procedures and outcomes, with provisions for suspending registrations in case of violations.
  • Data Sharing Urged: Despite repeated requests, complete data on organ donation and transplantation remain unavailable, highlighting the importance of regular data collection and sharing with NOTTO.